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World Series 2012: Delmon Young will start in field in NL park

American League Championship Series MVP Delmon Young will start in the field when the Detroit Tigers play in National League parks during the World Series, according to George Sipple of the Detroit Free Press.

Young, who was primarily a designated hitter this season, will play left field when the team is in an NL city where the DH cannot be used.

Tigers manager Jim Leyland told Sipple, "It's pretty hard the way he's been swinging the bat, MVP of the American League Championship Series, it would be pretty hard not to play him."

Young had two home runs and six RBI in the ALCS. He batted .353 and had the game-winning run batted in in each of Detroit's four games in the Tigers' sweep of the New York Yankees.

Young had 118 starts as a designated hitter during the regular season. He started in left field 31 times. He hit .300 with a .336 OBP and .854 OPS in his 31 games in the field compared to a .261 average, .288 OBP and .678 OPS as a DH.