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Seahawks QB Russell Wilson rooting for Tigers, family friend Justin Verlander in World Series

The rookie quarterback's older brother played baseball with the Detroit ace.

Thearon W. Henderson

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson may play on the Pacific coast. He might have spent two seasons in the Colorado Rockies organization as an infield prospect. He may be preparing for a game against the Detroit Lions this weekend. But that doesn't mean he'll be cheering for the San Francisco Giants in this year's World Series. As Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press reported, Wilson will be supporting Detroit this October because Tigers ace Justin Verlander is a longtime family friend who played baseball against his brother in Virginia:

"I just remember obviously Justin being so dedicated to baseball and his family being so dedicated, and we used to hang out all the time," Wilson said. "He started throwing 94, 95 as a senior in high school, and he went to college, started to hit 101. He just was really dedicated and I definitely admire that in terms of him."

Wilson was also an excellent high school baseball player, and was drafted by Baltimore out of high school. Wilson opted to play football, first at North Carolina State and then at Wisconsin. He spent two summers with the Rockies' Single A affiliates in Pasco, Wash. and Asheville, N.C. before opting to play professional football.

Unfortunately for Wilson and the Tigers, Verlander struggled in his first start of the 2012 World Series, allowing five runs over four innings.