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Tigers vs. Giants, 2012 World Series Game 1: Detroit bloggers bury Jose Valverde, keep hope alive

The Detroit Tigers couldn't do much of anything right in Game 1 of the 2012 World Series. Here is what Tigers bloggers had to say about the loss to the San Francisco Giants.


The Detroit Tigers dropped Game 1 of the 2012 World Series to the San Francisco Giants, 8-3, and everyone from Justin Verlander to Jose Valverde found a way to disappoint Tigers fans on Wednesday night. Verlander lasted only four innings -- it was his shortest outing since June of 2010 -- while Giants starter Barry Zito frustrated Tigers hitters by changing their eye levels with his pitches using pinpoint control.

Tigers closer Jose Valverde came in to try and keep the game within striking distance during the seventh inning, but he allowed four hits and two earned runs while recording just one out -- leaving him with a 54.00 ERA for the series. Tigers bloggers at Bless You Boys admitted "now we know why Valverde didn't pitch late in game 4 of the ALCS," and suggested that the inflated ERA might stick with Valverde through the rest of the series: "I honestly don't see how he can take the mound in any way, at any time during the remainder of the World Series."

Even after losing with Verlander on the mound, not everything was doom and gloom over at Bless You Boys. Here is the pep talk that made its way into an otherwise somber Game 1 recap:

Well, that game blew, sucked and...well, it was a night full of unmentionable words.

Let's keep it in perspective. It was only [one] game. A brutal game, an ugly game, a game we all want to forget, but it was just [one] game. And that [one] game doesn't a World Series victor make.

So what if Barry Zito pitched like a 1987 vintage Frank Tanana and the Justin Verlander looked like the rookie who was rocked in the 2006 World Series instead of the reigning Cy Young winner Just because you lose Game 1 doesn't make a Game 2 loss fait accompli.

Game 2 is set for 8 p.m. ET at AT&T Park, and Doug Fister will match up against Giants starter Madison Bumgarner.