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Jim Leyland talks about future, says he won't manage anybody but Tigers in 2013

If the Tigers manager decides to return in 2013, it won't be anywhere but in Detroit.

Jonathan Daniel

Detroit Tigers manager Jim Leyland will take some time to mull his future after the Tigers were swept in the World Series by the San Francisco Giants, but if he does decide to return to the dugout, it will only be in Detroit.

"This is all I can give you: I will not be managing anybody else but the Detroit Tigers next year," he said. "Unless it's the Mt. Lebanon Tigers, in Pittsburgh, Pa. But I'm not looking in any way, shape or form to go anyplace else. This is my last stop."


Though Leyland has yet to make his return official, it is considered by most to be a foregone conclusion. Leyland said on Sunday night that he likes managing, and he told reporters in September that he wants to return in 2013. Tigers star Justin Verlander said on Sunday night that he is "extremely glad [Leyland's] coming back."

Leyland, though, would not discuss his future after the loss, though, telling reporters it "was not the night" for that. Since Leyland was named manager in 2006, the Tigers have made two World Series appearances and three playoff appearances. In his career, Leyland as 1,676 wins and won a title in 1997 as manager of the Florida Marlins.