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Triple Crown watch: Miguel Cabrera remains on top in all 3 categories

The Tigers star has the Triple Crown in his grasp barring a miraculous day from either Mike Trout or Josh Hamilton.

Ed Zurga - Getty Images

Detroit Tigers third baseman Miguel Cabrera all but has baseball's first Triple Crown since 1967 all sewn up. With one game remaining, Cabrera has a comfortable lead in all three categories.

RBI is currently his safest lead, and has been for a while. Cabrera currently has 139 RBI, and in order for him to be caught on the season's final day, Texas Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton would need to drive in 12 runs, assuming Cabrera was blanked. That, of course, is just about impossible.

His next biggest lead comes in batting average, where his .331 is seven points higher than Mike Trout's .324. If Cabrera went 0-4 on Wednesday -- assuming that he plays -- it would leave the door open for Trout to catch him, but Trout would have to have a monster day. If Cabrera went 0-4, it would drop his average to .328. Trout would need to go at least 5-5 in order to get to .329.

Cabrera's slimmest lead is in home runs, where he leads Hamilton by one homer. Even this, though, should feel comfortable for Cabrera, as even if Hamilton ties him, Cabrera will still be counted as having won the Triple Crown. A homer on Wednesday by Cabrera would almost certainly clinch this category, but if he went without a homer, Hamilton could pass him with two.