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Justin Verlander thanks fans for support on Twitter

Justin Verlander has thanked his fans for their support on Twitter, and has promised better things in 2013.

Ezra Shaw

The Detroit Tigers couldn't get things done in the World Series, though just about everything went right for the San Francisco Giants. Justin Verlander, the Tigers' ace and possibly the best pitcher in Major League Baseball, struggled in Game 1 of the World Series, and that was all it took for the Giants to get their 1-0 start en route to a sweep and their second title in three years.

But Verlander has been so good in recent years, he's not about to get a whole lot of flack for what happened. In fact, it appears that Verlander got a lot of support on Twitter, thanking all of the team's fans and the Tigers' staff. He followed that up with this Tweet:

That's classy stuff from Verlander, and he's not the only one who thinks the Tigers will be back in the big game again in 2013. The Tigers are favored to win the 2013 World Series according to the early odds, so Verlander might just be able to deliver on his promise to the fans.