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Tigers to alter coaching staff's responsibilities

Jim Leyland expects to shuffle some of his coaching staff's responsibilities, but is not prepared to announce the changes just yet.

Christian Petersen

Following a frustrating World Series loss where finger pointing ran rampant, Detroit Tigers' manager Jim Leyland confirmed to reporters on Tuesday that his team is planning to alter some of the responsibilities of its coaching staff heading into next season.

Though Leyland has already informed his staff of the upcoming changes, he made sure to reveal to James Schmehl of that the decision is not based on individual performances. "We're going to rearrange one piece of our furniture and it has nothing to do with anybody's results," Leyland said Tuesday.

Detroit fans have been clamoring for third-base coach Gene Lamont to be removed from his position following a mistake-filled posteason, and it's very likely the team was already prepared to lessen his responsibilities heading into 2013 anyway. Tigers' general manager Dave Dombrowski did mention how this move has apparently been in the works for a "lengthy period" of time, according to Jason Beck of, so there's a very realistic chance that many Tigers fans will get their wish.