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World Series 2012 had record-low ratings

This year's World Series produced the single lowest TV ratings since Fox began broadcasting the Fall Classic in 2000.

Christian Petersen

The numbers are in, and the 2012 World Series between the Detroit Tigers and San Francisco Giants will officially go down as the lowest-watched finale since Fox took over broadcasting rights in 2000, according to a report by The Associated Press.

Clearly affected by the lack of competition in the series, the four games played averaged a meager 7.6 television rating overall, a number that ranks well below the previous low of 8.4 from the 2008 series between Philadelphia and Tampa Bay. Although San Francisco's Game 4-clinching victory picked up a stellar 8.9 rating that parallels a non-elimination Game 4 from the 2011 World Series, this year's mark of 6.1 in Game 3 represented the worst single-game number in Fox's history.

Held scoreless during the second and third games, the Tigers hardly gave hometown fans much to cheer about after falling into a debilitating 3-0 hole to begin the series. The lack of a power market team like Los Angeles, Boston or New York also played a significant role in keeping the ratings modest however, but the Tigers clearly didn't help things with their poor play offensively.