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Jim Leyland explains simplicity behind his contract with Tigers

Jim Leyland explained the simplicity behind his contract and negotiations with the Detroit Tigers on SiriusXM radio.

Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

Detroit Tigers manager Jim Leyland made a commitment both to himself and to the Detroit Tigers four years ago -- and it's a commitment that should make Tigers fans proud to have Leyland as their favorite team's manager. He made a pact with the organization that he would manage the Detroit Tigers every year without a raise.

Leyland explained his decision on SiriusXM's Inside Pitch with Jody McDonald and Jim Bowden, and also mentioned that he represents himself in contract talks.

Rumors had spread that Leyland was holding out for more money, but Leyland put those rumors to rest, as he will manage the 2013 season on a one-year deal. Leyland stated on Inside Pitch that he's comfortable working on a one-year contract.

Leyland joined the Tigers in 2006 and has captured two American League pennants (2006, 2012). Unfortunately for Leyland, his Tigers have gone just 1-8 in World Series games since 2006.