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Miguel Cabrera's pursuit of Triple Crown was good for Royals' attendance

The Kansas City Royals sold plenty of extra tickets for the game in which Miguel Cabrera sealed his Triple Crown win.

Ed Zurga - Getty Images

Not only did Miguel Cabrera earn one of the greatest and most elusive honors in Major League Baseball on Wednesday, his Triple Crown also boosted ticket sales ... for the Kansas City Royals. According to Scott Miller on Twitter, the Royals saw a significant number of last-minute ticket buyers as the buzz reached its climax regarding a potential Triple Crown winner, the first since 1967.

In other words, the Royals only had 12,503 tickets sold prior to the start of Wednesday, and sold another 17,880 tickets in advance of the game starting. It's unlikely that all of those people were Tigers fans coming to see Cabrera make history, but more so fans in general wanting to say they were there. Forty-plus years isn't exactly "once in a lifetime" stuff, but it's still a great thing to be able to go see.

The Royals had been having lacking attendance all season, thanks to being well out of the race for the AL Central early on following the All-Star break.