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Miguel Cabrera congratulated by players across sports for winning Triple Crown

Miguel Cabrera was congratulated by teammates, fellow baseball players and other athletes after winning the Triple Crown.

Ed Zurga - Getty Images

Teammates, fellow baseball players, and athletes from other sports all took to Twitter to congratulate Miguel Cabrera after the Tigers slugger became the first American League Triple Crown winner since 1967. Here's some of what was said about the accomplishment, first from his Detroit Tigers teammates:

We've got a few former Tigers with congratulatory messages for Cabrera as well:

Next up we'll have some fellow Major Leaguers, including Mike Trout -- who he'll be directly competing with for the 2012 AL MVP award -- and former MVP Josh Hamilton:

We even have some athletes from outside the world of baseball, including LeBron James (among others):

Cabrera and the Tigers will again be in action when they host the AL West champion Oakland Athletics on Saturday, Oct. 6 at 6 p.m. ET. The game can be seen on TBS.