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Miguel Cabrera turns focus to playoffs after Triple Crown race

Detroit Tigers third baseman Miguel Cabrera told reporters on Friday that he feels like he has been able to turn his attention to the team's playoff series vs. the Oakland Athletics after an intense Triple Crown race.

"I feel much better right now," he said. "I think these two days off helped me a lot to get over the Triple Crown race, be ready and focused about (Saturday's) game."

(via Detroit Free Press)

Cabrera, of course, won the first Triple Crown in baseball since 1967. But the national media attention surrounding the event was more than Cabrera -- or most any player -- is used to. He also told reporters that he was taken aback by the congratulations he got from non-baseball star athletes like Ndamukong Suh and LeBron James.

Cabrera finished the season hitting .330/.393/.606 with 44 homers and 139 runs batted in. It was Cabrera's third-highest batting average of his career and his highest in homers and RBI.