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Don Kelly on game-winning sacrifice fly: 'It's a great feeling'

Detroit Tigers utility man Don Kelly was relishing his role as the hero after Sunday night's walk-off win over the Oakland Athletics.

Jason Miller - Getty Images

Speaking with reporters after the game on Sunday night, it was obvious that Detroit Tigers utility man Don Kelly was relishing the moment as the hero of the clubhouse. The 32-year-old hit a walk-off sacrifice fly to put the Tigers ahead 2-0 over the Athletics in the ALDS.

As Kelly told John Niyo of the Detroit News, he's happy that he was able to come through for the team in a key moment:

I couldn't tell you. But it's a great feeling, to be able to go up there in that situation and to be able to come through.

Just a couple of months ago, Kelly was designated for assignment by the Tigers, but they're surely glad that he's still around right now. After hitting a brutal .186/.276/.248 with just a single home run over 127 plate appearances during the regular season, Kelly certainly came through in the clutch on Sunday night. For all of the talk about Detroit's star players, it's the 25th man sending the Tigers to Oakland with a 2-0 lead.