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Delmon Young pleads guilty to misdemeanor charges of aggravated harassment

Former Tigers outfielder Delmon Young has pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges of aggravated harassment stemming from an incident in Manhattan this spring.

Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

Former Detroit Tigers outfielder Delmon Young pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges of aggravated harassment Wednesday with the Manhattan District Attorney stemming from an incident last spring outside a Manhattan hotel, as FOX News reports.

As part of his plea, the 27-year-old ballplayer has been ordered to complete 10 days of community service and enroll at a program at the Museum of Tolerance New York.

Last spring, Young was involved in an incident where he shouted an anti-Semitic slur at another man before tackling him to the ground outside of the Hilton New York. After the incident, he was suspended without pay for seven days and eventually apologized to his teammates.

As part of the district's restorative justice program, Young will participate in a variety of activities, "to explore issues of prejudice, diversity, and tolerance." The results of the program will be given back to prosecutors, who will allow Young to plead guilty to a lesser charge if he does his part.

This season, Young hit .267/.296/.411 with 27 doubles and 18 homers over 608 plate appearances for the American League champions. After making $6.75 million in 2012, his final year of arbitration eligibility, he's a free agent this offseason.