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Tom Brookens plans to be aggressive as Tigers third-base coach

New Detroit Tigers third-base coach Tom Brookens says he plans to be aggressive in sending runners home.

Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE

Tom Brookens is the Detroit Tigers' new third-base coach, having moved over from being the first-base coach last season. Brookens is replacing Gene Lamont, who had been the Tigers' third base coach since 2006, but has an eye problem.

Brookens has experience coaching at third base from when he was a minor league manager and says he plans to be as aggressive as Lamont was in the position. "I also thought Geno was every aggressive and I always thought that was my style," Brookens said in a recent interview as a guest on "The Huge Show" with Bill Simonson. He added, " I like to send guys if I think they got a chance and if they get thrown out, so be it."

Brookens has been the Tigers' first-base coach since 2009. He played third base for the Tigers from 1979-1988 during his 12-year career in which he batted .246.