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Tigers' new batting practice hats revealed

The new versions will include a white front panel and a gray crown, and will be used during spring training.


UniWatch's Paul Lukas got a hold of the new MLB batting practice hats, and the Detroit Tigers will have different home and road hats. The odd piping and stretch panels of the old hats are gone, and are replaced with a more traditional design.

The Tigers home BP hat will be navy with a white front panel, with a navy blue D on the front. The road BP hat is a bit different, in that it's gray with a blue brim and a blue and orange D on the front. Lukas wasn't particularly high on the new Tigers hats, but the new hats are an improvement over the previous set, to be sure. The old hats were navy blue all around, with the home version including white piping and a white D, and the road version with orange piping and an orange D.

Several other teams have two hats, but the majority of MLB teams will have only one BP hat. The hats will be worn during spring training, and in batting practice throughout the season.