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Tigers 'cooled' on Stephen Drew, according to report

The Detroit Tigers have reportedly cooled on free agent shortstop Stephen Drew, according to Ken Rosenthal.


The Detroit Tigers have "cooled" on free agent shortstop Stephen Drew, according to Ken Rosenthal of Yard Barker's MLB Buzz on Monday. Rosenthal says that talk of the Tigers pursuing a shortstop may have been overblown.

It seems as though Drew's desire for a multi-year contract is what took the Tigers out of the running. Had the Tigers made a play for Drew, on a one-year deal, it's likely they would have traded Jhonny Peralta. The team picked up Peralta's option to prevent him from becoming a free agent next season.

Peralta's option will pay him $6 million next season, and the shortstop job is his to lose so long as he's with the organization.

If the market doesn't develop for Drew, it's possible that the Tigers could be after his services again. That being said, Drew is on the proper side of 30 years of age and a multi-year deal seems likely in his case.