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Kirk Gibson says Jack Morris, Alan Trammell 'deserve strong, strong consideration' for Hall of Fame

Kirk Gibson says that Jack Morris and Alan Trammell would both represent the 1984 World Series-winning Tigers well in the Hall of Fame.

Thearon W. Henderson

Kirk Gibson says that Jack Morris and Alan Trammell deserve to be in the Baseball Hall of Fame, according to Danny Knobler of CBS Sports. Gibson said that there's "no question" that the 1984 World Series winners (with the Detroit Tigers, of course) should make it in.

Gibson said that Trammell is a lot like Barry Larkin, who was elected last year, and he said that Jack was the best there was when it came to the postseason.

From the first World Series in 1903 to the final pre-Wild Card World Series in 1993, 88 out of 90 winners are represented in some form by a Hall of Famer. The 1984 Tigers are not, and Morris and Trammell are nearing the end of their eligibility. Morris has been on the ballot 13 years, but has come close with 66.7 percent of the vote last year. Trammell has been on the ballot for 11 years, with 36.8 percent last year. Morris has this year and next year to make it into the Hall.